Matt Schichter

Actor | Writer | Director | Producer

Matt Schichter is an actor, writer, director and producer. He owns and operates Scared Goose Productions. Scared Goose is currently in pre-production on two films: 6/8 time and Long Time Gone.


“A refreshing take on the indie romance.”

“In an industry full of manic pixie dream girls, it is refreshing to find a young female lead that is driven and has goals separate from those of the male protagonist.”

"The film could easily become a festival favorite.” 

"The story is a rite of passage in the truest sense of the word and the material's raw emotionalism is poignant and moving.”

“The quality of the writing and the strength of the two lead roles may attract attention.”

“A fascinating and heartfelt love story. Love stories live and die by their two main characters, and Ryan and Zoe are great. They feel fleshed out, with both admirable good qualities and awful flaws. Their relationship is a real rollercoaster ride. This feels very real and emotionally powerful. There are some juicy scenes here of the kind which actors love.”

“There’s an emotionally driven truth that anchors this story."